nitrade Fees

When using nitrade there are two types of fees: Gas Fees, and Trading Commissions.

1. Gas Fees

These are fees paid to the Ethereum Network for interacting with Smart Contracts.

Action Gas Cost Estimated Cost Sample TX
DCN: Create User ~90,000 ~$0.12 0xe21a0ef…
DCN: Update Session ~30,000 ~$0.04 0xb40ae27…
DCN: Deposit ~30,000* ~$0.04 0x68d060…
DCN: Withdraw ~30,000* ~$0.04 0x2c4435…

* Subject to the gas costs of the involved ERC-20 Contracts.

2. Trading Commissions

These are fees paid to nitrade for order matching services.

Stable-Coin Markets (DAI-USDC)

Market Maker Fee Taker Fee
Stable Marktes (DAI-USDC) 0.00% 0.00%
Other Markets (WETH-DAI, 0xBTC-DAI, …) 0.00%* 0.00%*

* We plan to charge the following trading commissions after we leave invite-only.

Market Maker Fee Taker Fee
Other Markets (WETH-DAI, 0xBTC-DAI, …) 0.05% 0.25%